Vaccine Alternatives

For some reason which is beyond the scope of this website, a failure of reason has descended over mass society and the idea has become ingrained in people's minds that vaccines are the only tool available for the covid-19 health crisis. Influenza and upper respiratory diseases have been treated with a variety of methods for centuries and this has not changed. Health professionals all over the world are using many different means of treating this virus.

HCQ Explained



A new experimental drug is being tested and shows promise of eliminating COVID-19 just by taking a pill.

The pill, Molnupiravir, which is being developed by Ridgeback Biotherapeutics and Merck (MRK), was found to reduce the virus in individuals after five days of treatment in a mid-stage study, the companies announced in a release on March 6.

While more studies of Molnupiravir are underway, the companies say the pill could provide a viable way to treat those that have symptoms of COVID-19 and be the first oral antiviral drug to combat the virus.

Dr. Marc an interview on Sunday that the pill “may be the holy grail on this because it was just studied in phase two trials and it literally stopped the virus in its tracks. And there wasn’t any virus found in the patients that were studied.”


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Doctors in Wuhan have aggressively treated patients with antivirals not approved in the U.S. The drug they utilized most often was Arbidol, manufactured by the Russian company JSC Pharmstandard. One preliminary study showed that Arbidol could drastically improve chest CT scans and speed the body's clearing of the virus, perhaps by inhibiting viral replication. 

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

"It is a legal health system in China which is parallel with Western medicine, and of course, there is also integration between traditional medicine and Western medicine," Dr. Jianping Liu, professor of clinical epidemiology at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, told NBC News.

"It's a holistic approach."

The main herbal formulas recommended for treatment of COVID-19 are jinhua qinggan capsules, lianhua qingwen capsules and shufeng jiedu capsules, according to Liu.

These remedies consist of a combination of dozens of herbs and a clear breakdown isn’t widely available, Liu said.

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This is the culmination of months-long research from all sources. It explains how Americans have come to be in the grip of fear. All the myths and all the misconceptions about a safe, generic drug that has been FDA approved for 65 years, given to pregnant women, breastfeeding women, children, the elderly and the immune-compromised for years and decades without complication, are finally put in the trash heap where they belong. You will have the indisputable proof that you have been massively lied to, often very intentionally.


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The antiviral drug Favipiravir, approved in Japan and China, could be more efficacious than Arbidol according to a sizable randomized clinical trial yet to be peer reviewed. While these early studies are promising, neither of these drugs should be regarded as effective until additional research is performed. Given COVID-19's swift expansion, there should be plenty of opportunities to explore their potential.

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Interferon Alfa 2b


Cuba also offers treatment regimens, some of which are not available in the United States. A key component of the protocols being used on the island and in the medical missions is Cuba’s Interferon Alfa 2B Recombinant (IFNrec). Scientific journals like the Lancet and the World Journal of Pediatrics have recognised the impact of IFNrec.  It has been used against various viral infections for which there are no specific therapies available, having demonstrated its ability to activate the patient’s immune system and to inhibit viral replication.

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