Seniors Suffering

Seniors suffering from total isolation in B.C. care homes with months-long COVID-19 outbreaks, families say. ‘It feels like they’re in a prison,’ says daughter of resident in Abbotsford facility.


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Opioid Crisis

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a staggering increase in overdose deaths. The illegal drug supply in B.C. is more toxic than ever and unpredictable. Every region of the province is being impacted. Last year was British Columbia's deadliest on record when it comes to illicit drug overdoses, the province's chief coroner announced 1,716 people died in 2020 due to toxic illicit drugs.

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1000's of Small Businesses Closing

One in seven small businesses are at risk of going under as a result of COVID-19 in addition to the ones that have already closed, warns the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) in a new report featured on its Small Business Recovery Dashboard, part of its Small Business Every Day campaign. CFIB’s mid-range estimate for business closures due to COVID-19 is 158,000 (14 per cent of small businesses). Depending on how the recovery goes, losses could be as few as 55,000 (5 per cent) or as many as 218,000 (19 per cent). 

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Homelessnes Increasing

A new study underscores the high stakes renters face as they want for government assistance amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Over the next four years, the COVID-19-related recession is expected to cause chronic homelessness to increase some 49% nationwide, according to new research from the Economic Roundtable, a non-profit urban research organization based in California. The homelessness crisis is expected to peak in 2023, researchers found, with an additional 603,000 working-age adults without a place of their own to sleep.


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Domestic Abuse Against Women Skyrocketing

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic did not stop a rising tide of reports of domestic violence, experts say, warning that the stress of life in lockdown continues to put victims at risk.

Canada’s Assaulted Women’s Helpline fielded 20,334 calls between Sept. 1 and Dec. 31, 2020, compared to 12,352 over the same period the previous year, said Yvonne Harding, manager of resource development at the organization.

“It’s very disturbing to know that there are so many women who are in this really precarious situation,” she said. “There may have been limited support for them beforehand, but at least they had outlets.”

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Unemployment Increasing

Over 200,000 Jobs Lost in January:

Canada’s unemployment rate rose to its highest on April 2020, where 23.1 million workers lost jobs during the month. The 14.7% rate was the highest and the largest over-the-month increase dating back to January 1948. Undeniably, the sharp increase was due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the government efforts to contain coronavirus.

The unemployment rate tapered off to 10.9% in August 2020 before going down further to 8.6% in December. However, the latest data from Statistics Canada showed that 213,000 people lost jobs in January 2021 compared to 53,000 in the preceding month. As a result, the unemployment rate jumped to 9.4%.


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Lockdowns Don’t Save Lives Lockdowns Increase:



Depression – Symptoms of depression more than tripled during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic


Suicide – Youth Depression, Suicide Increasing During Pandemic Response As data on the unintended consequences of pandemic policy becomes gloomier, policy makers are beginning to acknowledge tradeoffs.


Domestic Abuse Reports of domestic violence on the rise during pandemic, study finds


Homelessness – Growth Of Homelessness During 2020 Was 'Devastating,' Even Before The Pandemic


Business Closures – Business closures doubled in Canada during height of pandemic


Bankruptcy – More than 200K small businesses could close permanently amid pandemic


Anxiety – Mothers' anxiety and depression nearly doubled due to pandemic: Canadian study


Isolation – As COVID-19 spread in Canada, people were told to limit their contact with others and this is having an impact on their sense of isolation and loneliness, according to an online survey.


Alcoholism – Alcohol consumption skyrockets as pandemic continues, says Montreal public health


Substance Abuse – Opioid deaths skyrocket, mental health suffers due to pandemic restrictions, new federal report says


Self-harm – Pandemic response creates perfect storm for self-harm and domestic violence


Overdose – Pandemic worsens Canada's deadly opioid overdose epidemic


Cardiac deaths – Heart attack death rate doubled during COVID-19 pandemic, study says


Unemployment – COVID-19 expected to bring unemployment of 5% to 85% in some areas — what does that mean for Canada?


Poverty – The pandemic and global recession may cause over 150 million of the world's population to fall into extreme poverty


Wealth Gap – "History will also likely remember the pandemic as the first time since records began that inequality rose in virtually every country on Earth at the same time."